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Thursday 4th February, 2016

​The 5 Most Popular Paper Bag Co Blogs from 2015

Here at Paper Bag Co we love to see which blogs you've been clicking on and which topics you've found most interesting. We've rounded up the 5 most popular blog posts of 2015 so that you can enjoy a recap on them too.


Wednesday 6th January, 2016

How Paper Bags Are a Helpful Addition to Any Kitchen

Here at Paper Bag Co we love coming up with new ideas of how to reuse paper bags to help with household activities. We have focused on the kitchen with these four great tips for making the most of your spare paper bags.


Monday 14th December, 2015

Explore Our Range of Accessories and Boxes for Your Business

As well as providing wholesale and printed paper bags, we also offer a range of accessories. Explore our selection of tissue paper, ribbon, labels and boxes to find out how we can give your business a boost with personalised packaging.


Tuesday 24th November, 2015

How to Line a Gift Box with Tissue Paper

Smaller items – such as pieces of jewellery – are often given in gift boxes, with tissue paper used to provide both cushioning and another layer of wrapping to part before the surprise of the gift itself. Here’s how to lay that tissue paper down correctly.


Friday 2nd October, 2015

​Make Sure You Have Your Spare Paper Bags Ready for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, so make sure you save up your paper bags; the two go together like ‘Trick’ and ‘Treat’.


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