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Paper Bag Hacks

We love the idea of paper bags going on to enjoy a new life as something else after they've been used. Here's two new hacks that sprung up on our radar in recent weeks, and an old classic we love...

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What's your industry?

As one of the UK's biggest and best-known suppliers of paper bags, we have been pleased to work with a lot of other big and well-known names in other industries, and you'll see many examples of the products we've supplied to clients such as Vivienne Westwood, Vera Wang and Hilton Hotels...

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Pop goes the record

A few months ago, a group of delegates at a design conference in Boston, Massachusetts set a new world record - for the most paper bags popped at one time! 500 was the number, and you can tell from the faces of those holding the bags how loud it was...

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Hey Jute

Jute bags are amazing, and they're one of our favourite products! As with all of our promotional bags, it's possible to get seriously creative with the design (6 colours available for screen printing), so they look great. Plus, they last for ages, and they're also very environmentally friendly.

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$50,000 for a paper bag - we're sold

As avid readers of our official blog will know, the Paper Bag Company takes an interest in all things related to paper bags, especially when it comes to seeing them put to interesting uses besides the obvious one of carrying your shopping home...

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