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Paper Bags

Our goal is simple, when it comes to the paper bags we supply, we want to make our customers happy, really happy. If you’re happy, then so are we. So how do we do it? We work hard to deliver you only the very best in promotional bags, and this means:

  • The highest quality paper bags
  • Fast turnaround times
  • A friendly, open and honest service
  • Ethical and fairly traded products
  • A free, 'Live Support' service

Welcome to Paper Bag Co

Paper Bag Company specialises in the design and manufacture of retail and promotional paper bags. We can create any bag for any occasion.

Paper carrier bags

Our paper carrier bags are available in different styles, colours and materials. The twisted handle carrier bags, for example, are available in brown or white Kraft paper as well as a choice of different coloured handles. Feel free to check out our site and view our complete range of paper carrier bags.

Paper Bag Co

As one of the leading suppliers of printed paper bags in the United Kingdom, we offer a full range of the highest quality recycled, recyclable and reusable paper bags.

All our promotional bags are custom made and available in a range of sizes, materials and choice of finishes to suit your requirements.

Paper shopping bags

The professional look of our paper shopping bags can enhance the image of your business and enhance brand awareness. Regardless of your industry, we can provide the perfect paper shopping bag for your company. We can work alongside your marketing or design team to create unique promotional bags for you.

Paper Gift bags

Paper Bag Co is one of the leading suppliers of gift bags in the United Kingdom. Our gifts bags are made using the highest quality, environmentally friendly materials. We can offer you a wide range of the finest recyclable, recycled and reusable paper gift bags.

Laminated paper bags

We provide laminated paper bags in either a gloss or matt finish. We also provide luxury laminated paper bags with a wider range of lamination options available. These include the foil promotional bag. So whether you are looking to create a new image or just want to promote the existing brand of your company, a complete personal range of promotional bags is available. These products are also available in a wide variety of styles that included the laminated and un-laminated promotional bag.

Printed paper bags

We are a professional paper bag company providing a range of printed paper bags for all situations. Our printed paper bags are available in a number of different styles including both un-laminated and laminated versions, plus as folded handle and twisted handle paper carrier bags too.

Stock paper bags

We can also supply a wide range of paper bags from stock, which are now available for next day delivery. Stock paper bags are available in a range of colours and are the perfect solution for companies that need their carrier bags to be delivered quickly.

Paper shopping bags

When it comes to increasing and promoting the brand image of your company, paper shopping bags are an excellent idea. A shopping bag from Paper Bag Co is versatile and available in a choice of designs, styles, colours and finishes to suit the needs of your company.

Paper gift bags

Paper Bag Company offers a wide choice for those after the perfect gift bag for their business. We are paper bag specialists that can provide customers with a varied range of paper gift bags. With different coloured handles available to select from, you can customise it according to your preferences.

Bag Blog

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Would you like plastic with that?

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Featured bags
New style canvas bags

new style canvas bags

These trendy bags can be printed and delivered in week.
Available as 10oz Natural, white and black canvas.

Bamboo bags

bamboo bags

Biodegradable, sustainable, reusable!!
Great alternative to a cotton bag.
In stock and printed in 1 week.

Cooler bags

cooler bags

Branded cooler bags
Made to any size.
Express delivery within 4 weeks.


Paper Bags

If you are looking for Paper Bags, then look no further than Paper Bag Co. We sell a wide range of personalised, printed promotional and retail paper bags, as well as a variety of stock and wholesale bags. Our comprehensive range of products includes a number of reusable, recycled and recyclable paper bags which are much more environmentally friendly than your typical plastic carrier bag.

We can print just about anything onto our durable paper bags, which we will help you design to ensure that you end up with attractive, high quality marketing tools. Our paper bags are available in a variety of sizes, finishes, colours and with a choice of handles. These include paper carrier bags, luxury laminated and un-laminated paper bags, twisted and folded handle paper bags, counter and satchel bags, paper gift bags and more.

For more information on our paper bags, take a look through our website. Alternatively, please feel free to get in touch to discuss your promotional or retail bag requirements with a helpful professional. We look forward to hearing from you.