Why you should invest in printed packaging in 2023

Why you should invest in printed packaging in 2023

Printed packaging refers to any type of packaging that has been printed with text or graphics. This can include boxes, bags, labels, and other types of packaging materials that are used to enclose or protect a product.

Technology has also improved significantly, therefore resulting in multiple printing techniques available based on packaging material (we strongly recommend paper bags!), and size. These can range from offset printing to digital printing, and screen printing.

Keep on reading to learn more about why you should invest in printed packaging in 2023: 


1. To differentiate products from their competitors

Allowing printed packaging brings flexibility and creativity beyond a simple logo or colour choice. If you are a business and your product is inside a plain bag, customers may not know the differentiation surrounding your product, which is important to get across in a competitive market. Using printed packaging allows you to print messaging that will help customers understand why they should choose your product over alternatives. Especially if your product is on show in a store, this can make a huge difference in sales.


2. To create a consistent marketing message promoting their brand across the whole product line

Building printed packaging allows you to bring consistency across your products. For example, the use of colour not only explains the brand's messaging but also can portray emotional feelings. Therefore, choosing printed packaging with a specific colour will make you feel like the packaging itself is part of the marketing message, as well as the product. For example, if you promote sustainable socks that are often based around the colour green. It may be beneficial to choose green for your logo which will be printed on your packaging. 

Overall, this blog hopes to encourage people to invest in printed packaging in 2023. The use of colour and logos brings a new life beyond the simple plain packaging we have all been so used to, resulting in more inviting packaging for customers and businesses alike. The exciting thing is that printed packaging can be used on sustainable bag materials such as paper and canvas tote bags… bringing not just a printed design but also a positive action towards plastic pollution.