Eco-Friendly & Reusable Bags

The bags you choose for your shop or business say something important about you. Along with your logo, design and copy, the material and quality of your bags supports your branding and conveys your core values.

We offer a wide range of eco friendly and reusable bags in a variety of natural materials. Choose from organic paper, cotton, canvas, jute, non-woven or woven PP as alternatives to plastic bags. Our eco bags are durable, reusable and environmentally friendly.

Environmentally Friendly Bags

Are your customers concerned about the environment? Are they committed to using eco friendly and reusable bags? Would high quality environmental bags support your sales message and remind shoppers why they like buying from you? We think the answer is a resounding YES.

That’s why it has been our mission over the last 40 years to source and supply the highest quality alternatives to plastic bags. We all know what a disaster plastic bags are for the environment, and it is now more important than ever to support everyone’s daily attempts to reuse, recycle or biodegrade.

So currently what are the best alternatives to the plastic bag? Here is a quick lowdown of all the available materials. And don’t forget, which ever material you choose for your shop or promotion, you can order plain wholesale bags or overprinted bags for a branded message.

Paper is the cheapest and quickest material to use for your shopping bags. Its biodegradable, widely recyclable, light, easy to fold, and multi-functional with many sizes, colours, handle types and print finishes to choose from.

PaperBagCo is the UK’s leading supplier of paper bags for retail and promotion. We were one of the first suppliers to offer FSC® certified paper bags, any Paper Bag Co product bearing the FSC® Mix label is made of material from well-managed, FSC®-certified forests and other controlled sources.

Take a look at our printed or plain paper bag options.

Cotton, canvas and jute bags are lightweight and durable. They come in different styles with many printing options. They are also totally natural. How do we make sure our cotton, canvas and jute material is as eco-friendly as possible? All our bags are ethically sourced from our partner factories in India which must have SEDEX and SA8000 accreditation.

We print these bags in our own factory in the UK so can offer great prices and quick deliveries and the majority are printed with pigment water-based inks, so much better for the environment.

We have also recently introduced a range of bags made from GOTS certified organic cotton and canvas which means the entire supply chain has been independently checked and verified using stringent ecological standards.

Take a look at our cotton bag, canvas, or jute bag options.

Non-woven or woven PP are great alternatives to plastic bags. The polypropylene material is extremely strong and lightweight, but cheaper than the natural materials of cotton, canvas and jute. And the best bit – it can look just like a natural fabric.

They are made totally bespoke to order, in any size and colour printing, with many extras like pockets, zips, popper closures and different handle options.

PP is a by-product of oil manufacturing making it a great choice for the those more environmentally conscious. These what people think of as the ‘Bags for Life’, they simply last for ages, especially if you get them laminated as this makes them water resistant and easy to clean.

Take a look at our Non-woven PP and Woven PP bags.

But if you have any other questions about the materials we use or what would be the best bag for your business, just give us a ring and we would be happy to help.