Why you need our Leave No Trace Bag this Festival Season

Why you need our Leave No Trace Bag this Festival Season

At Paper Bag Co, the environment is at the heart of everything that we do, because of this we wanted to combine our love of festivals with our love of the planet and created the ‘Leave No Trace’ Festival Bags. So if you are heading off to festivals this year; firstly, we hope you have an incredible time and secondly, we hope that you consider some plastic-free alternatives when you begin to pack!

*UPDATE 2023: We have an exciting announcement! This year we are teaming up with paddle board specialists Aquaplanet in support of their ‘paddle to the moon‘ campaign. The Festival Bag will be part of the monthly prizes given away to the top performers in the challenge, running Jan till June, just in time for festival season.

Aquaplanet have been smashing it in the UK, and have expanded their inflatable paddle boards to Australia so you can find their boards all over the world.


Music Festival Waste in the UK

It is estimated that in the UK, music festivals alone generate over 23,000 tonnes of waste each year and although there is an army of workers and volunteers brought in to clear up the aftermath, much of it ends up in a landfill. 

To tackle this problem head on, we designed a Festival Bag full of essentials that you need for a festival, so how are they different from the norm? They are all made from compostable and biodegradable materials. The cup? Made from wheat. The poncho? Made from corn starch. Even the bag is made from a new type of Kraft paper which is both washable and waterproof whilst also being a compostable material. 

Festival Bag Designs 

Our Festival Bags are a rucksack style to allow you to carry your belongings around with ease, they also have a zip lock and a separate pocket so you always know where your valuables are. The bold and eye-catching designs will get you in the summer mood and also help you stand out in a crowd for those Instagram-worthy festival pics. 


These bags have already been tried and tested by the team at Glastonbury Festival and there is another festival test run soon so keep your eyes peeled …

Leave No Trace Bag by Paper Bag Co

Our ‘Leave No Trace’ bags are designed for the eco conscious festival-goer however they are also perfect for the eco-travellers and eco-campers, to find out more and to buy your bag take a look at our Festival Bag page