Why paper bags are taking centre stage in the fight for a sustainable planet

Why paper bags are taking centre stage in the fight for a sustainable planet

With London recently shut down in the wake of increasing pressure and protests on the serious issue of climate change, paper bags are still being adopted by companies looking to do their bit for the environment. But why exactly are paper bags beating their plastic rivals in terms of sustainability?

1. Paper bags are easier to recycle than plastic bags

Paper products are much easier to recycle than plastic goods. This is particularly true for paper bags. There are a variety of recycled paper bags which help consumers to reduce the amount of rubbish they are sending to the landfill. The shorter time it takes to process paper bags also reduces the carbon impact of the recycling process.

2. Paper bags offer sustainable and recycling packaging for supermarkets

Woolworths recently made the decision to reintroduce paper bags for their customers. The company stated one of the main reasons for the change was that the bags use natural resources, unlike their plastic counterparts.

The paper is ‘responsibly sourced’ and they are encouraging customers to recycle and reuse the new bags, both sentiments the Paper Bag Co fully endorses!

3. The climate-changing effect of plastic bags is plain to see

Plastic bags are polluting our oceans and environments, however, they pose not only an immediate threat to wildlife but also a long term threat to the planet through their contribution to greenhouse gases.

The polythene used in the production of many plastic bags contributes heavily to the emittance of methane and ethylene gases into the atmosphere.

Order sustainable paper bags for your business

Paper bags are becoming the absolute minimum supermarkets and other retail stores must order to ensure they are doing their bit to support the environment.

We offer an extensive range of eco bags and bespoke paper bags that can support your business in the strives towards sustainability. Get in touch today to arrange a quote.