Which colour should you use for your paper bag?

Which colour should you use for your paper bag?

When working out the look and feel of your paper bags it is important to consider the base colour that you are going to use as this will impact the type of printing method you use and the colours that you use in the design.

Paper Bag Co works with a team of great suppliers and as a result, can offer a variety of bags in various colours ranging from white all the way through to bold colours like blue and red. In this month’s instalment of the blog, we take a look at what colour paper bag you should use for your next order.

Blue paper bags are a good option if you are looking for a colour that works well with bold designs in orange and yellow. It should be noted that typically blue paper bags do not work well with green designs but that is not to say there is not a way to do it tastefully!

Red paper bags work well with a lot of the different printing methods offered by Paper Bag Co. The bold colour could be a good way to go if you are looking to create a paper bag that really stands out.

Green paper bags are great if you are going for a natural design that works well with a business going for an ‘organic’ look. They also work well with many different designs and colours including yellow, white black and pink/purple.

Black paper bags are perfect if you are going for a minimal look with a sleek design. If you go with a solid black colour, then printing can become more challenging and typically brighter colours may not work as well.

White paper bags are a versatile option

if you are looking for the most versatile option for your next order, then white paper bags are always a versatile option. They give you a good basis on which to print with different methods including laser and block printing. The basic white colour also works well with pretty much any colourway, this is why they are one of the most popular products stocked by Paper Bag Co.