What paper mailing bag is best for your business?

What paper mailing bag is best for your business?

Having an environmentally friendly way to distribute your products to customers is becoming an increasingly important step to take if you want to remain competitive. Many customers will no longer be satisfied with plastic packaging options, preferring something a little more bespoke.


The paper mailing bags from Paper Bag Co could be the answer to your packaging needs. If your business frequently sends out products to customers via the post, paper mailing bags are 100% biodegradable, compostable, and recyclable. This makes them great if you want to increase your environmental image and provide a better product offering to your valuable customers.



What types of paper mailing bag are available?

Paper Bag Co stocks a wide range of paper mailing bags that are suitable for different products and purposes. All are strong, environmentally friendly packaging options that will get your product to customers safely.


1. Standard paper mailing bags

Our standard paper mailing bags are great if you have a standardised product that you want to ship to customers for an affordable charge. They come in 3 different sizes which also makes them a good option if you are going to be shipping a variety of different products.


2. Grass paper mailing bags

In addition to our standard options, we also have paper mailing bags that are perfect if you want to emphasise the environmental sustainability of your business. They are available in 4 different sizes and use a lot less water and energy when compared to standard paper mailing bags. The bags also come with a self-adhesive seal strip which is great for cleanliness when sending your products to customers.

3. Premium paper mailing bags

If you are selling a premium product you will want a premium paper mailing bag to send it in. These options are well worth the extra cost as they come with 2 self-seal strips and are produced from our heavyweight 180gsm FSC® Brown Kraft Paper. These paper mailing bags will help you differentiate yourself from your competitors and provide your customers with a great buying experience. They also come with 1 perforated tear strip top add to the overall quality.


Order paper mailing bags to get your product to customers in a sustainable way

Being a sustainable company brings with it a variety of competitive advantages that could make the difference between you winning business from customers and losing it. Ordering sustainable paper mailing bags from Paper Bag Co will help you remain supportive of the environment whilst also reducing the plastic waste that you and your customers will need to produce during business operations.