What Eco Bags do Paper Bag Co offer?

What Eco Bags do Paper Bag Co offer?

Getting the bagging options right for your business is a big part of your marketing, and if you are still trying to peddle cheap plastic bags as promotional items to your customers, then you could well be in for a rude awakening.

Paper Bag Co are passionate about reusable bags, which is why in addition to our paper bags we also offer a range of eco bags that have a range of different uses. Here we take a look at the different eco bags that we offer and the benefits of each.

1. Cotton bags

Cotton bags are a classic and one of the most popular eco bags we offer. They are made from organic cotton which is an environmentally sound material. These eco options make great bags for life and will provide your customers with plenty of use.


2. Jute bags

Jute is another reusable material that makes great eco bags. We supply a range of jute bags to well-known brands like Wagmama’s and other companies that are passionate about sustainability.


3. Canvas bags

Canvas is a versatile material that offers both sturdiness and a natural feel. Our canvas bags come with various printing options that will help you decide on the perfect design and shape for your bag.


4. Non-woven PP bags

Our non-woven PP bags are an environmentally sustainable replacement for single-use plastics whilst offering good printing options. These bags come with a cross-hatched pattern pressed into the material and are 100% recyclable and reusable.


5. Lam Non-woven bags

Our laminated non-woven bags come in both matt and gloss finishes and are made from spun-bond polypropylene (PP). These bags are water-resistant and come in a range of styles and designs.


6. Woven bags for life

Bags for life are an essential part of combating plastic waste which is why Paper Bag Co are proud to offer them amongst our eco bags range. Our woven bags for life are extremely strong, durable, and your customers will be proud to sport them.

Find more reusable options at Cotton Bag Co

If you are looking for more in-depth printing options when it comes to eco bags, then our partners over at Cotton Bag Co have got you covered. They offer some of the leading eco bag printing and distribution services so you can be sure that a quality product will be with you with speedy delivery.