We are getting ready for European Paper Bag Day!

We are getting ready for European Paper Bag Day!

It may go without saying, but we are very passionate about Paper Bags. They are an inherently recyclable alternative to plastic bags and can offer a lot to stores and customers who are looking for environmentally friendly alternatives to their stores.

It is always good to know that this passion is shared with our friends on the other side of the channel as we prepare to offer our support to European Paper Bag Day!

European Paper Bag Day shines a light on the development and spread of recyclable paper bags throughout Europe as a way of offering sustainable packaging to the masses and cut down on the impact of plastic. Paper bags are very resistant to wear and tear, and can actually carry a pretty substantial weight!

Our aim is to encourage more people to take up the fight against plastic by adopting quality paper bags that are not only much easier to recycle but can also be heavily reused to promote an overall reduction in waste.

European Paper Bag Day is on the 18th of October and will provide plenty of opportunities for people to network and help spread the word about paper bags and the difference they can make in the world! We are excited to head into the later stages of 2021 and will continue to work with our clients and customers to provide quality paper bags that give the end-user a product that reflects well on the brand and themselves!

we have some exciting initiatives coming up to spread the word about European Paper Bag Day so it is certainly an exciting time for Paper Bag Co as we try and do our part towards building a sustainable future for us and the planet. If you have any questions on paper bags or are looking to place an order for printed paper bags for your business, then please do get in touch with a member of our team.

We will be more than happy to discuss printing options with you and we can work on a variety of different briefs! Our paper bags come with a quality guarantee that will keep you and your customers satisfied.