Top 5 Benefits Of Using Paper Bags In 2022

Top 5 Benefits Of Using Paper Bags In 2022

We know paper bags, and we are passionate about the benefits that they can bring to businesses and their customers as we wage the war on single-use plastics.  In the latest instalment of the Paper Bag Co blog, we take a look at the benefits you can get when using paper bags for your packaging needs in 2022 and why you need to consider investing in this great bagging option.

1. Paper bags are recyclable and reusable 

Paper bags are very easy to recycle for both your business and your customers, so not only are you helping to push your company towards sustainability you are also helping your customers to get there too! 

2. Paper bags require less energy to recycle than plastic ones

When they come to the end of their usable life, paper bags are also easier to recycle than plastic ones and require a lot less energy to process. This helps cut down on the pollution that can be emitted from the recycling process, offsetting the good done by actually recycling the bags in the first place. 

3. You can promote better brand messaging with paper bags 

In addition to the ecological benefits you can also better promote your brand on paper bags. Plastic bags often carry a stigma which can negatively affect companies that use them, you do not have this issue with paper bags! 

4. You have a wide range of printing options on your bags 

If you go with a reputable paper bags supplier (hint, hint) then you will have a wide range of printing options and finishes available that will help you find the right look for your bags. This variety is one of the reasons why luxury bags are often made from kraft paper, a material which promotes both a luxurious and envriromentally conscious feel. 

5. Paper bags are biodegradable and compostable 

Many paper bags are biodegradable and compostable, which helps your customers dispose of them when they reach the end of their usable life. This is another great benefit of paper bags which you can leverage in your marketing if you are striving to be viewed and act as an environmentally conscious brand. 

Want to find out more about our printing options? 

If you have been convinced of the business and ecological benefits of paper bags then get in touch with a member of our customer service team to discuss our printing options. You can choose from a wide range of paper bags with different colours, handle types and use cases that can match your business needs.