The marketing benefits of printed mailing boxes

The marketing benefits of printed mailing boxes

When working out the packaging strategy for your E-commerce store you need to consider a lot of different elements including style, print type, budget and structural integrity. These are all very important but it can make the process of designing your packaging overwhelming if you are not careful!

Custom printed mailing boxes are becoming increasingly popular amongst online and physical stores alike and they are a great way of increasing the quality touchpoints your customers and clients have with you in 2022. Here are 3 great marketing benefits that you can get from using custom mailing boxes within your packaging strategy.

1. total control over branding

When you have control over the branding of your packaging it increases the chances of your customers returning in the future. This is great if you are looking to increase your customer retention and improve the re-purchase rate in 2022. Custom mailing boxes give you total control over your packaging branding.

2. increased reusability

By sending your customers quality mailing boxes you are increasing the chances that they may be reused in the future. Many people buy and sell goods online now and your customers will appreciate a box that can be reused in the future.

3. you can get creative!

If you are looking to get your marketing team creative in 2022 then mailing boxes could be a great way to do so! Different printed mailing boxes come with different benefits so be sure to order the right box that matches your business brand with a great design to match!

Paper Bag Co can help you find the perfect mailing box

If you have been sold on the marketing benefits of printed mailing boxes then please get in touch with a member of our team. We are very experienced in the designing and creation of beautiful mailing boxes that will have your customers coming back in their droves!