Should you invest in paper mailing bags in 2021?

Should you invest in paper mailing bags in 2021?

2020 was a year in which many sought to buy goods online, partly because a lot of shops were closed and also because of the sheer convenience! This means companies need to pivot and work out their eCommerce strategy for 2021 and the near future.

With customers increasingly shopping online even out of lockdowns, now may be the perfect time to revisit your product packaging within that strategy. The paper mailing bags offered by Paper Bag Co could be the perfect option for your online store! 

Paper mailing bags offer good product protection 

When you are sending goods off to customers you will want to provide adequate protection whilst also not sending off unnecessary packaging that is hard to recycle. Plastic mailing bags whilst convenient are notoriously difficult to recycle and often end up in the landfills and can make their way into waterways and other areas of conservation. Customers are increasingly looking for eco-friendly mailing bags as alternatives.

Paper mailing bags can be a good weapon in the war on plastic as not only do they offer good protection but they are also very easy to recycle! Many can be placed in standard waste paper recycling which allows for easy disposal and reprocessing at recycling centres. If you order a batch of good quality paper mailing bags 

Get in touch to order paper mailing bags today! 

The paper mailing bags offered by Paper Bag Co come in a variety of different specifications and sizes, ranging from grass-based mailing bags to more premium options. 

Which option you go for may depend on the type of product you are offering. If you market yourself as a more sustainable brand then the grass-based bags are great but if you are more of a standard retailer then our more affordable options are also viable. 

Many companies are trying to make the switch to become more environmentally conscious and the way they package and send goods has a direct impact on their overall sustainability. 

If you are interested in our paper mailing bags and how they can improve your sustainability feel free to get in touch! We can supply printed and wholesale mailing bags through our express service which will get you ready for the busy sale periods coming up in 2021.