Personalise Your Packaging With Our Printed Tissue Paper

Personalise Your Packaging With Our Printed Tissue Paper

If you are looking for a way to add extra value to your packaging, our printed tissue paper is a great option. Personalised tissue paper gives your products that little touch of luxury, as well as providing protection inside your carrier bags or boxes. We have put together a guide for you on the range of printed tissue paper we offer.


Printed Tissue Paper

Personalised tissue paper

Our custom tissue paper is bleed resistant and acid free making it suitable for all kind of products including clothing. The standard size of our tissue paper is 350 x 700m & 500 x 700mm, but other sizes are available. Printed tissue paper is a great way to personalise your packaging and strengthen your brand by elevating your customer journey. Our printed tissue paper is amazing value and we can offer low minimum order quantities.


Printing on tissue paper

We can also provide plenty of printing options for you, with single or double sided printing available and 4 Colour Process Printing. We can choose between litho and flexo print types to get the best finish for you. In terms of colour we can offer CMYK or Pantone printing, and 100% Ink Coverage is available if your design requires it. We can even add that special finishing touch to your tissue paper with metallic or fluorescent inks if you want to produce a real show stopping design.


What is the difference between MG and MF Tissue Paper?

We stock both MG and MF tissue papers in a range of different weights, but how do you choose between them? MF or Machine Finished Tissue Paper is a premium quality tissue paper with a glaze finish on both sides. It is more transparent than MG tissue paper and has a luxury crisp feel. MG (Machine Glazed) Tissue Paper is a slightly lower quality tissue paper with a glazed finish on one side. It is slightly more opaque than MF tissue paper and has a softer feel.


Wholesale tissue paper

We also offer unprinted tissue paper in a range of 19 different colours. Our plain wholesale tissue paper is acid free with a weight of 18gsm, and is sold in reams of approximately 480 sheets that are 500 x 750mm in size. If you need it fast then our unprinted tissue paper can be delivered quickly and easily from our stock warehouse.


Printed and wholesale tissue paper at paper bag co

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