Paper Bag Co has become FSC® certified

Paper Bag Co has become FSC® certified

fsc certified


One of the world’s biggest problems today, is the levelling of the forest land on an industrial scale. The forests are said to be ‘the lungs of the world’ and are being destroyed around the globe at a phenomenal rate. Deforestation is a key contributor to global warming and a cause for enhancing the greenhouse effect. It also damages biodiversity – it’s estimated that 137 species of plant, animal and insect are being lost every single day due to deforestation.

The FSC Tick-tree logo, if seen on a product, is a guarantee that, by buying that product, the consumer will not be contributing to the reckless destruction of the world’s forest lands when they purchase our paper bags.

The FSC Tick-tree logo means that the wood sourced has not been illegally harvested and is from a responsibly managed area.

To find out more, please visit our FSC® Chain of Custody Certification page.