Nike Takes Inspiration from the Paper Bag

Nike have never been a company to shy away from making bold decisions when it comes to the styling of their shoes, and the latest Dunk High model has taken inspiration from a slightly unlikely source – the humble brown paper shopping bag. We’re always interested to see how these versatile products can be used and reused in different ways, but this might be the first time that the world of footwear fashion has gelled with our company mission.

The Nike shoe in question is a whole new version of their popular SB Dunk High, a line of high-top ankle support shoes designed to appeal to skateboarders. It is a line which has frequently been noted for unique colour schemes, interesting materials, and creative themes, with designers often incorporating elements of street culture. The Nike SB Dunk High Paper Bag fits right in.


Of course, it isn’t actually made of paper, but the outside mimics the texture of a crumpled up brown paper bag. The leather upper is coloured in ‘Filber brown’, and is accentuated by a deep black nubuck leather Nike Swoosh, a black midsole, and a gum outsole.

Worried about creasing up your brand new Nikes? No need to concern yourself – the Nike SB Dunk High Paper Bag shoes have already been creased up for you. It’s nice to see the rest of the world standing up and taking notice of the classic brown paper bag, and we’re sure that the new Nike SB Dunk High will prove to be a popular design.

Of course, at Paper Bag Co, we’re more familiar with providing strong, dependable, and completely eco-friendly bagging choices in which retailers can put their shoes than we are with shoes taking inspiration from our products.

Offering thick paper or board bags, as well as options made from eco-friendly materials such as canvas and cotton, we’re able to accommodate even heavier, bulkier items than could be taken by the standard paper bag. For more information, or to make an order, don’t hesitate to contact one of our team members at your earliest convenience.