Join Morrisons In The Switch To Paper Bags

Join Morrisons In The Switch To Paper Bags

This week saw the UK’s fourth largest supermarket chain, Morrisons, making a move towards paper bags for their fruit and veg.

All major supermarkets have started to introduce targets and plans to reduce or eliminate single-use plastics in a bid to protect the environment. This will help towards the UK’s target to ban avoidable waste by 2042.

With this move, Morrisons alone can ensure around 150 million fewer plastic bags are used each year.

About 6.3 billion tonnes of plastic waste had been generated globally by 2015, with almost 80% of it going to landfills or the natural environment. By making the switch towards more eco-friendly options, businesses can help to combat this global issue.

Whilst the initial process of making paper bags does use more energy in comparison to plastic, there are many benefits to using paper bags in your business:


They save the planet one tree at a time

When trees are cut down to make paper bags, new trees are grown in their place. This then helps to battle climate change as the trees lock up carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and produce oxygen.

The use of paper bags encourages the production of more paper bags and in turn encourages the planting of more trees, making it an endless cycle of planting and growing to help combat global warming.


They decompose easily

Paper bags decomposes quickly into natural products, while plastic breaks down into tiny particles that can get into the food chain and can potentially stay around for hundreds of years.

Paper bags can be recycled with your regular paper and cardboard recycling, whereas plastic bags require a different system and can’t be easily put out for the recycling lorry.

They have an added personal touch  

Whilst plastic bags can be cheap and easy for businesses, they aren’t the most presentable of bags. Paper versions look neater when wrapping up items and look lovely and traditional.

By having branded paper bags, your customers will walk away from the store with an added personal touch that adds to the customer service they receive.

Here at Paper Bag Co, we can customise your chosen bags with your chosen logo and design, allowing you to stand out to your customers.

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