How to use packaging to send a positive brand message

How to use packaging to send a positive brand message

When thinking of packaging and wrapping for your business, it is important to think of how you can reinforce and enhance your brand image when choosing different elements.

Here at Paper Bag Co, as well as providing you with bespoke bags, we also offer personalised labels and tissue paper to use when wrapping up your products.

If you are running a business, you should make the most of every opportunity when it comes to brand image. You wouldn’t put any branding on your website, you’d make sure that it was designed to match your business specific branding and your packaging should be the same.

An effective way to do this is by using custom printed labels on your packaging. Custom labels can be used to secure tissue paper or the tops of bags to add a small personal touch to your products and show your customers that you are going that extra mile. You can design the labels yourself, or employ someone to do them for you, and send the artwork across ready for printing

But what else can you do to enhance your brand image?

Use tissue paper

When handling precious and delicate items, you are bound to have tissue on hand to keep those products safe. Tissue paper and filler paper can also be used to wrap clothes and pad the bag out a little more so that things aren’t falling about all over the place.

You can use plain or branded printed tissue paper, but it is recommended to use the colours of your brand if you are opting for plain in order to keep it consistent. This attention to detail ensures consistency throughout all aspects of the customer’s journey.

Include a compliment slip

If you really want to go the extra mile, then adding a compliment slip or even just a business card in each package you send out or shopping bag you hand over in store is always a good idea. A compliment slip could include a little thank you message or other words of encouragement to show customers that you care and have taken the trouble to add a note.

If the customer is a new customer, they will be able to keep the card to remind them of your store. Alternatively, they may want to pass it on to their friends if they are pleased with the product and the service received.

Remember to use branded card or paper and be sure to include the customer’s name when including a compliment slip.

Offer samples

This will of course, be dependant on the type of products that you offer, but giving customers a small sample of another product is a gesture that goes a long way. Customers will feel valued and this will encourage them to tell their friends and family. Word of mouth is powerful in business, so preserving your reputation and encouraging word of mouth is important for helping with growth.


If your website and store branding is on point, then don’t let it down by forgetting about the smaller touches. Get in touch with a member of our staff today to discuss your specific needs.