How to repurpose our paper bags

How to repurpose our paper bags

Now we don’t like to blow our own trumpet (that much) but when it comes to paper bags, we know our stuff and we have created some paper bags that could be considered works of art over the years. Due to the amount of care and attention that goes into making every single one of our bags, it would be a tragedy if our beautiful bags were used once at your event or once by one of your customers and was then banished to the recycling bin or compost heap (which is preferable for suitable bags).

We want to save our paper bags from the bins for the foreseeable future and repurposing them is the easiest way to do just that. There are hundreds and hundreds of things paper bags can be used for so here are a few of our favourites which we hope you share with your customers:

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1. Potting plants
If you have green fingers then you might want to reuse your paper bags for makeshift plant pots. It can be helpful for growing seedlings in a window sill before planting the whole bag into a bigger flower bed when needed. Paper bags can also be used for growing potatoes if you have limited space and are great help with weed prevention by laying them down around the plants and then covering them with more soil.

2. Storage from Paper Bags
For thicker paper bags they can be really handy around your home when you need some extra storage space. They can be used to store shoes, clothing, food amongst many other things. Once your bag is full you can pop it in your cupboard, wardrobe, under your bed or wherever else your favourite storage space is.

3. Paper Gift wrap
Whether your paper bag is from our wholesale range and completely plain or printed with a funky design, you can use it for a nice and unique gift wrap for presents. Simply trim down the seams to make flat and then continue as normally gift wrap. If the bag has long handles you could even use these as ribbon to give it an extra special touch.

4. Paper Bag Crafts
If you are into creative hobbies or have some little ones that need entertaining, our paper bags can be perfect for reusing as crafting supplies. There are endless options from mosaics to papier-mâché and even origami (if you know how!).

Paper Bags from Paper Bag Co
Our paper bags at Paper Bag Co are perfect for being repurposed after their primary use. If you’d like to find out about placing an order with us, speak to one of the team.