How to Choose the Right Tissue Paper

How to Choose the Right Tissue Paper

Printed tissue paper can make a big difference to the visual appeal of your product, as well as personalise and add value to your packaging and branding. For example, printed tissue paper could make a great addition to birthday gift wrapping for example. The tissue paper could then be reused afterwards! 

Here at Paper Bag Co, we are pleased to stock a variety of printed tissue paper to suit you or your business needs. This can range from the tissue paper’s intended use, quality, and size. All our printed tissue paper is eco friendly and sustainable, and is FSC® certified. 

Factors to consider before purchasing your printed tissue paper

1. Consider the tissue paper’s intended use 

One of the main appeals of tissue paper is its ability to be used for many different eventualities. For example, it can be used for wrapping gifts, and products, wiping surfaces, or even enhancing a wall! You can purchase printed tissue paper in a variety of sizes to suit your intended use.

The ability for the tissue paper to be used for multiple purposes can also mean it can be reused more than once, which will benefit the environment as well as costs. 

2. Marketing opportunities

Using printed tissue paper means you are able to experiment with different designs, based on your brand or product. This will add branded consistency across products and in return will lead to a better experience for your customers. This can include the colour choice, logo, and text.

The creative element isn’t limited to businesses. If it’s a loved one’s birthday, you could personalise the tissue paper to mention the loved one’s name, or add a personal message. 

3. Cost effective

Printed tissue paper can also be cost effective for your business. If you are planning on using tissue paper for a large number of products, the paper could be purchased in large quantities, which will reduce costs benefitting the company. This is particularly beneficial if you are a smaller business. Here at Paper Bag Co we can offer low minimum quantities of just 250 sheets.

Printed tissue paper purchased from Paper Bag Co benefits from quick delivery. 

By considering these factors, you will be able to choose the right tissue paper for you or your business's needs. If you are still unsure what is the best choice for your brand, our team of specialists can help you make a decision. Get in touch to order your printed tissue paper today.