Comedy poo bags from Paper Bag Co

Comedy poo bags from Paper Bag Co

What do you do when you really need to go to the toilet but have nowhere to go? Going for a wee when out and about can be a lot easier and arguably somewhat cleaner, but when it comes to having a poo, we often get a bit more stuck!

Here at Paper Bag Co, we know the struggles of being on the road with kids who didn’t need the toilet when you asked but are now desperate, or being camping or at a festival where toilets are inaccessible, have huge queues, or are just plain gross.

So, the team have created this eco emergency solution for when you just can’t hold it in – the human poo bag. Whilst these are predominantly a comedy gift we wanted to create for a bit of a laugh, we have also placed them in local woods for campers, families and dog owners alike.

We are hoping people may use them as a way to reduce both waste being left around and to promote the use of biodegradable options over plastic/non-biodegradable bags. They are actually fully biodegradable and compostable – so we’re hoping it will help tackle issues such as dog walkers leaving plastic bags around or truckers essentially using a patch of grass in a layby and leaving faeces, but also for emergencies for campers, festival-goers, and families.

How to use our biodegradable poo bags

The poo bag is simple, just follow these two simple steps:

1. You open it up and do your business (or if aiming isn’t your thing, you can scoop it up with the enclosed carboard scoop)

2. Once the poo is in the bag roll down the top to contain the pong and then dispose of it in the next bin. Or, if you’re out in the wild these bags are biodegradable so can be buried in the ground away from a water source.