A Year In Review | Thoughts From Paper Bag Co Founder Jon Marling

A Year In Review | Thoughts From Paper Bag Co Founder Jon Marling

2022 has been a year when many more companies have started to invest in sustainable packaging and that has kept us very busy at Paper Bag Co! Here we sit down with our founder Jon Marling, for a chat about the highs of 2022 and what the new year will have in store for Paper Bag Co as we continue to develop our fantastic team and deliver on our promises to clients around the UK and beyond. 

Jon founded Paper Bag Co at a time when the packaging industry was full of single use plastics and products that ended up in the landfill. Since the early days, we have expanded beyond paper bags and the team has expanded greatly, gained GOTS and FSC® certification and is now the leading UK bag specialist. 

2022 has been one of our favourite years yet, and we were keen to get Jon’s thoughts on why it was such a great year for Paper Bag Co: 

1. What have you enjoyed most this year? 

“We get to work on some really cool bags for our clients, printing the iconic Glastonbury bags has got to be a highlight! We have also invested in some fantastic new equipment which will greatly expand on some of the designs we can print!” 

Looking forward to 2023 there are lots of exciting developments in the pipeline for the company, team and product line. We are looking forward to a website refresh and a new system development that will help us serve our customers in an even more timely manner. Here Jon outlines some of the focuses for the new year:

2. What are the focuses for 2023 going to be? 

“2022 has been a great year for us, and 2023 should be even better! We are working on a bit of website refresh which will really benefit clients who like to order online. Our wider focuses are going to be around sustainable packaging, beyond just bags.” 

Paper Bag Co has come a long way and our wonderful team has grown and developed with it. Here Jon summaries some of the reasons why he is so proud of the company and why the team is absolutely crucial when it comes to delivering great bags and packaging to our clients: 

3. What are you most proud of about Paper Bag Co? 

“I think our team genuinely are experts in their field and know our offering inside and out; this is great for clients who know that when they pick up the phone they are going to be well looked after. 

The team cares deeply about delivering quality products and client service as well. I couldn’t be more proud of the team they just love to help out clients in a pinch!” 

2023 is set to be a fantastic year, and we wish a very happy holiday season to all of our clients , we look forward to working together on more fun packaging projects in the new year!