Why our Instagram Bags are great for your photography skills

Food is an area many hold sacred and with smartphones now in the pockets of many we all have the tools are our disposal to create stunning food photos to share with our friends and family online. This is great for spreading awareness of healthy food choices and inspiring others to take up their own Instagram based challenge. 


Whilst the tools are there, without some of the know-how it can be difficult to create food photos that truly ‘pop’. Step in, the new Instagram Bag from Paper Bag Co


Foodie Bag



What is included in the new Instagram bag? 

The new Instagram Bag from Paper Bag Co has everything you need to upgrade your photography skills and create stunning photos for your Instagram and blog. 


The bag itself is a 12ox black canvas bag with an internal pocket, a mesh divider, and zip closure. All this adds to the look and practicality of the bag. Inside the bag isa 5 in 1 pop up reflector that will help you adjust the lighting to instantly make your food photos more professional. 

Unsure on some of the basics of photo framing and depth of field? We also have 8 postcards that have all the tips you need to use the new equipment and take some fabulous photos. 


Also included are 4 professional backdrops that will let you pick the perfect style and location for your food photos. These are great if you want to mix up the feel of the photo and are also perfect if you do not have many aesthetically pleasing backdrops to chose from in your home. 


Why is this bag great for food photography?

Creating stunning food is only half of the task when it comes to creating wonderful food photos. No matter what equipment you are working with, be it a budget smartphone or a high spec DSLR, the Instagram Bag will help you upgrade the production value of your food photos and give them a very professional feel. 


Order your Instagram bag today! 

Does the Instagram Bag sound like the perfect way to upgrade your photography skills? Or perhaps it could make the perfect gift for the budding food blogger in your family for the frantic Christmas period. 

No matter what your reason is for ordering the Instagram Bags, paper bag co would love to hear them. After you have ordered your bag, make sure you share your wonderful photos with us @paper bag co and use the #instagrambag. Happy snapping!