Plastic bag use has fallen by 90% since introducing the 5p charge

It’s great to hear that the sale of plastic carrier bags in England’s major supermarkets have dropped by 90% since the 5p charge was introduced in 2015.

According to the figures, the average English shopper will now use just 10 bags a year, compared to 140 before the charge came in.

However, it was also stated that England is lagging compared to Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales. This is because in England the fee only applies to shops with more than 250 employees, whereas in other areas of the UK it applies to all retailers.

In the meantime, some supermarkets have made their own self-generated pledges to cut back on the amount of plastic and packaging they use. Asda recently vowed to ditch plastic carrier bags for online shopping, while Boots announced in June that it will get rid of them completely in favour of paper bags.

As producers of paper and eco bags, we are thrilled to see this humongous shift being made by big supermarkets to plastic alternatives. We are committed to offering paper bags that are of great quality, and which can be reused multiple times or recycled.

Bespoke paper bags for your business

We understand that for smaller businesses, switching to paper bags can be daunting, but it doesn’t have to be a difficult process.

We offer a range of wholesale bags, which when purchased in bulk come to a very reasonable price. Alternatively, we can also offer printed bags which can be designed so that they are unique to your business and can help increase brand awareness.

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