3 key things to remember when ordering paper mailing bags

Getting the right mailing bag for your store is crucial when it comes to delivering value to your customers, they are going to want a product that looks the part and is easy to recycle and dispose of. Gone are the days when low-quality plastic mailing bags are going to cut it, modern consumers demand a product that doesn’t put too much strain on the environment.

Here we break down some of the key things to remember when ordering mailing bags from Paper Bag Co.


Paper Mailing Bag_2

1. Make sure you have the right type of mailing bag

Paper mailing bags come in different materials and sizes. We offer bags made from more premium paper all the way through to recycled grass mailing bags. Make sure you know the dimension requirements for yours and the type of material you want, this will massively help out when it comes to packing the end product.


2. Is the bag suitable for the product?

If you are sending clothing and other flat and easy to pack items then paper mailing bags can really come into their own. If however, you are selling more substantial and potentially sharper items then maybe they are not the best choice. Make sure you ask the question of whether the bag is suitable enough for the product before you order.


3. remember to put thought into the printed design

The design of the mailing bag really can make all the difference for the end customer, if there is a poor design on there then it could lead to a lack of brand recognition that may mean they never purchase from you again! Even if you are trying to keep costs down, it is always worth making sure your mailing bag has a good design on it.


Get in touch when you are ready to order!

Paper Bag Co has been supplying paper mailing bags across various industries for years and we know what works and what doesn’t when it comes to sustainable packaging. When you are ready to order your paper mailing bags then feel free to get in touch with a member of our team.