Why Paper Bag Co bags are great for all kinds of businesses

Here at paper bag co, we specialise in manufacturing paper bags for all different types of businesses.

By doing this we are creating an eco-friendly option for those who wish to switch from plastic bags and containers to recyclable/recycled environmentally low impact products.

Here are some reasons why paper bags are suitable for all kinds of businesses.


They are Customisable

The ability to add your individual logo’s and designs gives you the opportunity to add your own individuality to the eco-friendly bags.

We also give you the opportunity to customise the sizes of your paper bags so you can create the perfect bag for your products or services.

They show your customers that you care about the environment

By using paper options for your packaging and bags you are showing your customers that you care about the environment.

In doing this you will create a larger level of respect from a lot of customers.


You’ll be surprised at the various styles we can achieve.

If you would like to see the industries we can cater to take a look at our industries page.

Here you will find inspiration and examples of bags we have created for our clients.


If you are still unsure about the services we can provide for your business, take a look around the site or contact a member of our team.