What are your present wrapping options this Christmas?

With the holidays fast approaching and more online shopping being done now than ever, it is very important that you get organised with good Christmas presents this year. Whilst the present is the main focal point of any gift, the packaging can add an extra special feel that will make all the difference. 

So what are your options when it comes to Christmas gift wrapping? Paper Bag Co have a variety of different products that can be part of a great Christmas present. Here we show you what they are and where you can use them! 


Printed tissue paper 


Printed tissue paper is great for businesses looking to distribute products to their customers in a stylish manner over the festive period. Our tissue paper is bleed-resistant and acid-free, which as a result makes it great for clothing and shoe stores in addition to Kraft shops. 



Bespoke printed ribbon 


If you want to add another layer of specialty to the printed tissue paper, some bespoke printed ribbon will do jus the trick. This can come in a variety of printed designs which makes it a good choice if you want to make your packaging stand out from the crowd. 



Printed labels 


If you want to provide a bespoke message to your customers or clients then adding some printed labels is a great idea. These give you the chance to get a tailored message across that will strengthen the relationship between the two parties and make it seem like the gift-giving has been a bit more of a personal effort. 


Printed boxes 


If you are sending larger gifts to clients then printed boxes are a good way of getting them to clients in a safe manner. Printed boxes work well if you are adding a bespoke design and this can often be the difference between an average gift giving experience and one that is truly special. Boxes also work well with printed tissue paper if you are looking to tailor the packaging even more.


Find the right gift wrapping packaging for your receiver 

Bespoke printed items are a great way to differentiate your presents from other gifts and are great for businesses looking to gift clients presents to add that special touch. 

Printed tissue paper from Paper Bag Co lets you make these special touches which can make all the difference when it comes to relationship building.