Make investing in paper bags your New Year’s resolution

New year’s resolutions are often about health or fitness, motivated by the mountain of food we consume over this period.

If you’re fed up with your usual resolutions for New Year, why not consider reducing the amount of plastic you use instead? Not only will it challenge you daily, but it will also positively impact the planet.

We’ve got some ideas for 2020 to help you reduce the amount of plastic you are using:

1. Swap your bags

Of course, our first suggestion was always going to be to swap out your plastic bags for something a bit more environmentally friendly!

If you must purchase bags, make sure they are paper bags or a bag-for-life as both can be reused for various purposes. Once they reach the end of their life, they can then be recycled as they will often be made out of recyclable or biodegradable material.

If you are a retailer, consider switching to paper bags to make more of an impact and encourage your customers to make a difference in 2020. We have a whole range of paper bags available, which can be customised to create a stunning bespoke bag.


2. Water bottles

It is so easy to pick up a bottle of water from the shop when you’re feeling thirsty, and they’re pretty cheap in most cases.

Whilst most water bottles can be widely recycling, it’s all about making choices to use less plastic so that less is produced. By investing in a reusable bottle or two, you can carry water around with you and even keep it cooler for longer if you buy the metal ones.

Some reusable bottles still have some plastic in them, but they are a better and longer-lasting alternative, can act as a thermos flask, and are often dishwasher safe too!


3. Food packaging

When you next wander into a supermarket, have a look around and see just how many products are wrapped in plastic.

Plastic is quite hard to avoid in supermarkets, but if you can visit a farmer’s market or go to smaller individual butchers, fishmongers and fruit and veg shops. You can handpick your produce and take it away in your own bags!

Many larger supermarkets are now offering the option to take away cereals, fruit, and meats in your own containers – so do check your local stores first!


We hope we’ve given you some ideas around how to reduce the amount of plastic you use in 2020! We are wishing all of our customers a Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!