How to make the most of your recyclable paper bags

One of the biggest benefits of using paper carrier bags is the ability to not only recycle the material from which they are made – making them incredibly environmentally friendly – but also the fact that they can be re-used / re-purposed. Be even greener – Don’t just recycle, take a look below at some of the creative options available and make the most of your paper bags.

Gift wrap paper bag co


Gift Wrapping:

With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, get creative with your paper bags and use them to wrap your heartfelt gifts.
You can then either leave them as they are or add your own decorations – hand drawn hearts, personal messages and more!

Gift Tags:

Speaking of gift wrapping, you can also use your paper bags to create bespoke gift tags. Using bags with existing patterns or plain bags that you can decorate yourself to make small cards that you can attach to your gift with string, tape or ribbon will add a beautiful finishing touch.

Moving House:

If you’re planning on moving house, office or even just packaging items for sale / to go in storage, then your paper bags could double as packaging. A few layers of scrunched up paper is fantastic when it comes to protecting your belongings.

Packed Lunches:

Another option is an oldie but a goodie – you can use your bags to store your packed lunch. Not only is it a much more environmentally friendly option than a plastic sandwich bag or plastic carrier bag, but it can also help keep your food fresh until lunch time.


brown paper bag recycle

Cutting Fruit and Veg:

Cutting up fruit and veg in the kitchen can be a messy job! Cut your paper bags and lay them flat before cutting food on top of them. You can then scoop up the leftover scraps and pop them onto the compost pile, before tearing the bag into strips and doing the same. Prevents unnecessary mess and promotes recycling / composting!

…and more!