Celebrate European Paper Bag Day with paper bags

European Paper Bag Day is upon us, and for this month’s instalment of the Paper Bag Co Blog, we have decided to take a look at three great alternative uses for paper bags that will help you get the most out of your paper bags before they have to be recycled.Paper bags rule

1. food waste paper bags

If you are looking for a new way to collect your food waste then paper bags could be the perfect option. So long as you are choosing biodegradable paper bags, you can gather food waste in them and drop them off at a composting point or make one in your garden if you have the space and time. Our poo bags are the perfect option for good quality biodegradable paper bags.

2. general recycling bin paper bags

If you want a sturdy way to collect recycling then look no further than paper bags. These are great for gathering up other cardboard and paper waste and packing it up in a convenient package that can be put out with the rest of the recycling bins.

3. DIY gift paper bags

Finally, if you are looking for good quality paper bags to turn into bespoke gift bags, then the paper bags we have to offer are a great choice. Paper wholesale bottle bags are good if you are looking for a product that you customers can reuse for birthdays and Christmas!

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