Why Your Business Needs Branded Paper Bags This Christmas

Most retailers will be bracing themselves this month as the festive shopping season gets into full swing. But as you prepare for the run up to the big day, it pays to consider how bags and packaging printed with your logo could help boost awareness of your brand. Check out our advice below on festive themed bags, along with some examples from our Instagram account of some of the previous bags we have designed.

Branded Gift bags and boxes

_gin gift box

This time of year many of your customers might be purchasing products to give as gifts, so they will particularly appreciate having luxurious packaging as part of their purchase to complement the products. You might want to provide branded boxes to house more fragile objects, or opt for dedicated gift bags like these square shaped paper bags we made for Boots last year.

Festive bag designs

_christmas paper bag

Some brands like to create special versions of their retail bags for the Christmas shopping period. You can add a seasonal touch to your current bag logo or go all out with a special festive bag design.

Sale printed paper bags

_sale christmas

It pays to plan ahead, especially when it comes to ordering bespoke paper bags so now is also the time to consider whether you want to order some custom printed bags ready for the January sales. Add a simple ‘sale’ slogan to your existing bag design or go for a pop of colour to make your bags stand out to other shoppers. You can also use your bags to advertise services such as your delivery options, as with these bags we designed for Next.