3 paper bags that could benefit your business in 2021

2020 has been a difficult year for many retailers with shops closing on mass and demand dropping, but that has not removed the need for stylish and sustainable packaging for customers.

Paper Bag Co is proud to have continued to fulfill the growing need for sustainable baggage in 2020 by delivering for our valued customers. Hopefully, 2021 will prove less turbulent for businesses going forward! 

Whether you are an e-commerce store looking to deliver quality paper bags to customers, or a high-street retailer, these 3 paper bags all have the potential to add a touch of class to your January sales in 2021. 


Luxury laminated paper bags 

If you are looking to get ready for the January sales in 2021 then luxury laminated paper bags could be a great way to make your store stand out from the crowd. These bespoke bags from Paper Bag Co work well with more luxury products and can be printed in a variety of different ways. The laminated exterior of the bag also offers added strength that means it will protect the product for your customers. 

Folded handle kraft paper bags 

Another great option for the new year sales are folded handle kraft paper bags. These bags can come both plain/wholesale and printed which makes them a favourite amongst many retailers. These bags also offer a classic design that works well with a lot of different prints and logo layouts. 

Wholesale paper bags 

Sometimes it is best to stick to the basics and the wholesale paper bags from Paper Bag Co offer quality at an affordable price. These are perfect if you are a food outlet looking to expand your takeaways options in the new year or are an established business looking for a large quantity of bags within a short space of time. 

Pick the right paper bag for your business in 2021 

Getting the product offering the right to customers in 2021 is crucial if you want to stay competitive in the new year. Paper Bag Co offers a variety of different bags that cater to various needs. Whether you are looking for bespoke printed products or bulk orders of wholesale bags, we have got you covered for the new year!