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How to Reuse Paper Bags around the House

Friday 22nd May, 2015

There are so many ways to reuse a paper bag, it's easy to forget that some of the best involve the simple task of keeping your house clean and organised. Here's how you can use these cheap, recyclable bags to keep your place looking brand new.

Paper BagSeparate Your Dirty Shoes and Clothes

Try keeping a paper bag by the door or in the car in which to deposit dirty shoes. This will mean that you don't have to bring them into the house without protection, and drip mud and water all over the floor. You can also use paper bags to separate out your dirty clothes, even using different ones for certain colours or types of fabric.

De-Dust Your Mop

Mops and brooms are built for cleaning - but how do you clean them? One of the easiest ways to ensure you aren't just spreading dust and debris around is to secure a large bag over the head of your cleaning item, turn it so the bottom of the bag is parallel to the floor, and then give it a few good shakes. All the collected dirt will fall off into the bag. Just empty whatever is shaken out into the bin, and you're done.

Line Your Bins

Larger bins are easy to fit with bin bags, but the same can't usually be said for smaller wastebaskets. Without a lining, you'll find that the bottom of that bin gets pretty disgusting very quickly, with pieces of food and other organic matter creating mould along the bottom. Some people line their smaller bins with plastic bags, then throw the whole thing away. This works, but it isn't very eco-friendly to send plastic bags to landfill, so use a paper one instead.

Use Them to Wrap Fragile Objects

The most delicate and expensive of household items don't tend to be used very often, meaning that people often store them away for special occasions. Make sure your fragile glasses, dishes, and decorations are kept from harm by balling up paper bags and slipping them between items to create a cheap but effective layer of protection. Styrofoam gets everywhere, and isn't very environmentally-friendly, while newspaper can often mark your belongs with ink. Paper bags are perfect.

Keeping your house clean is easy when you keep your paper bags. Next time you're given one, just remember these tips and save it for future use.


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