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Tuesday 18th July, 2017

Upgrade your packaging with printed paper bags

Personalised packaging is a great addition to any retail business, whatever products you are selling. We offer a range of bespoke packaging options, from luxury printed bags to paper counter bags, as well as printed tissue paper and ribbon.


Thursday 22nd June, 2017

Custom Printed Fabric Bags

Did you know that as well as providing printed paper bags we also make custom fabric bags? Read on to find out about the latest bespoke printed bags we have been working on with our sister company Cotton Bag Co


Monday 8th May, 2017

Why Paper Bag Co bags are always in style

We were very excited to see how pleased the team at Tatler magazine were with the printed paper bags we created for them, especially as they tested them in the best possible way… with an adorable dachshund puppy!


Friday 7th April, 2017

Instagram Round Up: Our Latest Designs

​If you are looking for inspiration for your printed bags, you want to see what's possible from our design team, or just want to peruse some pretty packaging; check out some of our latest creations below, along with our guidance on how you can bring these designs to life for your own bags.


Wednesday 5th April, 2017

How to order your bespoke printed paper bags

​It can be hard to know where to start when it comes to ordering custom paper bags for your business, so we have put together a guide on each step of the process to make it clearer and to help you get the perfect bag to suit your requirements.


Wednesday 15th February, 2017

Paper Bag Co bags at star studded London salon launch

Last month saw the launch of a new London salon for our friends at Larry King, where the bespoke bags we created for them were also in attendance!


Thursday 5th January, 2017

Paper Bag Co bags at 10 Downing Street

We were very excited to see that our friends at Revival Retro were invited to celebrate Small Business Saturday at 10 Downing Street, especially as they took along some of the bags that we made for them!


Monday 12th December, 2016

Cotton Bag Co has a brand new website!

We are excited to announce that our sister company Cotton Bag Co has a brand new website! At Cotton Bag Co we offer eco fabric bags to order online as well as bespoke printed bags for your business. Find out more about the range of products that we offer


Friday 11th November, 2016

Personalise Your Packaging With Our Printed Tissue Paper

If you are looking for a way to add extra value to your packaging, our printed tissue paper is a great option. We have put together a guide for you on the range of tissue paper we offer.


Wednesday 5th October, 2016

World’s Biggest Coffee Morning with Macmillan

Last Friday on the 30th September we took part in the World's Biggest Coffee Morning, to help raise money for Macmillan.


Thursday 29th September, 2016

Celebrating sustainability with the FSC and Snows Timber Ltd

Here at Paper Bag Co we pride ourselves on being environmentally conscious as a business, and we are passionate about promoting the use of eco-friendly sustainable products.


Wednesday 28th September, 2016

75% of us bring our own shopping bags following the 5p tax

As the anniversary of the introduction of the 5p plastic bag tax to England approaches, we recently ran a survey that asked 500 people from around the UK, ‘When you go shopping, do you take shopping bags with you?’


Tuesday 30th August, 2016

Why Paper Bags Are The Best Choice For Your Business

Many shops have started to switch to paper bags. Even if you are exempt from the plastic bag tax, paper bags are still a great choice for your business. We've highlighted the main reasons why you should consider opting for paper bags.


Monday 1st August, 2016

Explore our range of counter bags

You might not know that as well as providing paper shopping bags, we also offer a wide range of counter bags in a number of sizes.


Thursday 30th June, 2016

Did you spot our bags at Glastonbury Festival?

We have been a trusted supplier to the Guardian for over five years, providing them with printed bags for Glastonbury Festival. These colourful bags are handed out with special Festival editions of the Guardian newspaper each day on the festival site.


Friday 27th May, 2016

Instagram Round Up: Our Latest Designs

As you might have seen if you follow us on Instagram we love sharing pictures of the latest paper bag designs that we have created for our clients. We've got a roundup of our favourites from the past few weeks for you to enjoy.


Friday 1st April, 2016

We are supporting Planet Prancer

We are proud to sponsor Planet Prancer Ben Hammond on his dance across the USA!

Tuesday 23rd February, 2016

What went into the World's Largest Paper Bag

Find out what went into the world's largest paper shopping bag...


Thursday 4th February, 2016

​The 5 Most Popular Paper Bag Co Blogs from 2015

Here at Paper Bag Co we love to see which blogs you've been clicking on and which topics you've found most interesting. We've rounded up the 5 most popular blog posts of 2015 so that you can enjoy a recap on them too.


Wednesday 6th January, 2016

How Paper Bags Are a Helpful Addition to Any Kitchen

Here at Paper Bag Co we love coming up with new ideas of how to reuse paper bags to help with household activities. We have focused on the kitchen with these four great tips for making the most of your spare paper bags.


Monday 14th December, 2015

Explore Our Range of Accessories and Boxes for Your Business

As well as providing wholesale and printed paper bags, we also offer a range of accessories. Explore our selection of tissue paper, ribbon, labels and boxes to find out how we can give your business a boost with personalised packaging.


Tuesday 24th November, 2015

How to Line a Gift Box with Tissue Paper

Smaller items – such as pieces of jewellery – are often given in gift boxes, with tissue paper used to provide both cushioning and another layer of wrapping to part before the surprise of the gift itself. Here’s how to lay that tissue paper down correctly.


Friday 2nd October, 2015

​Make Sure You Have Your Spare Paper Bags Ready for Halloween

Halloween is just around the corner, so make sure you save up your paper bags; the two go together like ‘Trick’ and ‘Treat’.


Friday 18th September, 2015

Which of Our Paper Counter Bags are Right for You?

Counter bags are needed for a whole range of businesses, so we stock a wide array of options with several design styles. Here’s a quick rundown of what’s on offer.


Tuesday 1st September, 2015

​Nike Takes Inspiration from the Paper Bag

Nike have never been a company to shy away from making bold decisions when it comes to the styling of their shoes, and the latest Dunk High model has taken inspiration from a slightly unlikely source - the humble brown paper shopping bag.


Friday 14th August, 2015

Our Paper Counter Bags are Perfect for Smaller Items

Most of the paper bags which customers order from Paper Bag Co - as well as those made of cotton, jute, bamboo, and canvas - are excellent for carrying the majority of items.


Monday 3rd August, 2015

​How to Curl Your Hair Using Only Paper Bags

If you'd like to curl your hair without damaging it with heating elements or harsh materials, all you need is a standard brown paper bag. There's no need to hit the shops for overpriced plastic rollers or uncomfortable metal pins; the cost is next to nothing and the results are wonderful.


Friday 17th July, 2015

Increase Revenue by Offering our Luxury Bottle Bags to Your Customers

Wine and liquor is an extremely popular gift option - when was the last time you had a Christmas or birthday when some wasn’t given? Unless that wine or liquor comes with its own box, people are going to need to buy gift bags for them.


Friday 3rd July, 2015

​How to Make a Paper Bag Luminary

Paper bag luminaries make great decorations - particularly for children's parties – and are a fun way to reuse your paper bags. Follow this quick guide to learn how to make your own.


Friday 19th June, 2015

How to Make a Paper Bag Flower Basket

Now that summer has begun, your garden should be bursting with flowers, but it's always nice to bring that inside the home as well.


Thursday 4th June, 2015

Paperbagco Celebrates 10 Year Anniversary

The team at Paperbagco recently threw an office party to celebrate a milestone of 10 years of trading.


Friday 22nd May, 2015

How to Reuse Paper Bags around the House

There are so many ways to reuse a paper bag, it's easy to forget that some of the best involve the simple task of keeping your house clean and organised. Here's how you can use these cheap, recyclable bags to keep your place looking brand new.


Thursday 7th May, 2015

We Have the Perfect Paper Bags for Your Confectionary

Confectionary is one of life's little pleasures, so it deserves something a little more exciting and eye-catching than a standard paper or plastic bag. With treats like sweets, the packaging should be colourful and fun, and we have a great selection of bags which fit the bill.


Friday 17th April, 2015

​A Guide to Paper Bag Handle Types

When people think about paper bags, they typically picture a simple example without any handles at all - the archetypal lunch bag. However, paper bags come with a variety of handle types to suit their purpose, allowing you to choose the perfect one.


Tuesday 7th April, 2015

​Throwing Away Your Paper Bags? Your Cat May Never Forgive You

Cats are funny creatures. It doesn’t matter how much you spend on the latest, greatest, and most expensive cat toy, they’ll still put that product to shame by being far more interested in the box or bag it came in. We’re always fascinated by the way in which paper bags can be reused, and there


Friday 20th March, 2015

Use Paper Bags to Improve the Look of Your Home

There are numerous life hacks which can be performed with paper bags, and many of them can be used in order to keep your home in tip-top condition.

Wednesday 4th March, 2015

Paper Bag Water Resistant Test Video

​We tested how water proof a twisted handled paper bag really was.


Friday 20th February, 2015

​Make Your Product Stand out with a Presentation Bag

You probably already know about our high-quality paper bags (our name is usually the first clue!), but are you aware of the other great pieces from our range, like our presentation boxes?


Friday 6th February, 2015

​Make Paper Bag Flowers this Valentine's Day

When it comes to Valentine's Day gifts, flowers are a perennial favourite. Of course, as appreciated as a beautiful bunch can be, there’s no sense in denying that they're just a little bit predictable. Also, they always wilt away far too quickly!


Thursday 29th January, 2015

FSC® Certified and Recycled Paper - A Quick Guide

There aren't many people out there nowadays who don't want to start helping the planet by using environmentally-friendly products. However, with so much information to digest, it can be hard to figure out which is the right one to go for.


Friday 23rd January, 2015

Basketball Fans Develop Quirky Use for Paper Bags

At Paper Bag Co, we're always interested to hear about the weird and wacky ways people are reusing paper bags all across the world. After all, the versatility of these bags makes them a natural option for people wanting to make a statement.


Thursday 15th January, 2015

Enhance Your Garden by Composting Old Paper Bags

Paper bags are thick and durable, but you'll have to stop using them eventually. When that happens you can take them to a recycling point, or you can even recycle them yourself by using them in your composting heap.


Friday 9th January, 2015

Our Luxury Recycled Paper Bags are the Best You Can Get Your Hands on

Has anyone ever tried telling you that luxury and sustainability don't go together? If so, they're definitely wrong. Environmentally-friendly products have been going from strength to strength in recent years, becoming even better than their traditional counterparts.


Thursday 18th December, 2014

Make Your Own Beautiful Christmas Wrapping Paper

Last week we talked about how much fun it is to turn your used paper bags into gift bags for smaller items. Well, while it's true that good things can come in small packages, there is no denying that most people will get pretty excited when they see a big present nestled up the tree with their name


Friday 12th December, 2014

Use Homemade Christmas Gift Bags to Make Every Present Personal

Gift bags are great, but they can be pretty expensive. This Christmas, incorporate some used paper bags into the wrapping routine by making homemade gift bags, and give your friends and family something different this December 25th.


Thursday 4th December, 2014

Paper Bag Dating Picks up Steam

Towards the start of summer, we let you know about a fun little PR event organised by UK dating app, Loveflutter. Knowing that real beauty always lies within, they asked 35 Londoners to pose with paper bags over their heads...


Thursday 20th November, 2014

The complete package

Besides our extensive range of paper and eco-bags, we also stock a superb range of premium presentation boxes, that will help you give your products the finishing touch they deserve.


Friday 14th November, 2014

New Record for World's Largest Paper Bag!

Regular readers of the Paper Bag Co will know that we always love to report on the weird and wonderful things people get up to with paper bags around the world. Back in January of this year we blogged about an attempt by a group of students at MS University in Vadodara, India, to create the world's


Friday 7th November, 2014

College students' bag project wins official backing

A small group of entrepreneurial college students in the city of Pune, India, have won recognition from The Energy and Resources Institute (TERI) that will turn their successful venture making bags from waste paper into a fully-fledged project which will perhaps go state-wide.


Thursday 30th October, 2014

How to rid yourself of plastic bags

We know we shouldn't, but sometimes it's all too easy to take that plastic bag we're offered at the supermarket checkout. And how many of us have at least one drawer at home that's filled with plastic bags scrunched up together to keep them as tidy as possible?


Thursday 23rd October, 2014

A solution to plastic bags in the ocean?

One of the main arguments against plastic bag use is the environmental hazard they pose - particularly to marine life. Our seas and oceans are increasingly clogged up with various plastics, of which bags are a significant part. Now one young man from Holland reckons he's come up with a potential so


Thursday 16th October, 2014

Paper Bag Crafts at Halloween

The spookiest time of year is just around the corner, and a big part of Halloween is the dressing up and decorating. Here's how you can incorporate any paper bags you have lying around into your efforts:


Thursday 9th October, 2014

Tesco trialling paper bags for fresh groceries

We're pleased to report some good news coming out of Tesco, at least from our point of view as enthusiasts of paper bags in retail. That's right, Tesco has begun to reintroduce paper bags for customers....


Thursday 2nd October, 2014

Paper Bag Co raises funds for Macmillan nurses

Mary Berry and Paul Hollywood take note - the team at the Paper Bag Co have shown that when it comes to baking, they're not bluffin' with their muffins! And while we may not have anyone in the Bake Off tent just yet, we have instead used our skills (and appetites!) to raise much-needed funds for o


Thursday 25th September, 2014

Paper Bag Hacks

We love the idea of paper bags going on to enjoy a new life as something else after they've been used. Here's two new hacks that sprung up on our radar in recent weeks, and an old classic we love...


Thursday 18th September, 2014

What's your industry?

As one of the UK's biggest and best-known suppliers of paper bags, we have been pleased to work with a lot of other big and well-known names in other industries, and you'll see many examples of the products we've supplied to clients such as Vivienne Westwood, Vera Wang and Hilton Hotels...


Thursday 11th September, 2014

Pop goes the record

A few months ago, a group of delegates at a design conference in Boston, Massachusetts set a new world record - for the most paper bags popped at one time! 500 was the number, and you can tell from the faces of those holding the bags how loud it was...


Thursday 4th September, 2014

Hey Jute

Jute bags are amazing, and they're one of our favourite products! As with all of our promotional bags, it's possible to get seriously creative with the design (6 colours available for screen printing), so they look great. Plus, they last for ages, and they're also very environmentally friendly.


Thursday 28th August, 2014

$50,000 for a paper bag - we're sold

As avid readers of our official blog will know, the Paper Bag Company takes an interest in all things related to paper bags, especially when it comes to seeing them put to interesting uses besides the obvious one of carrying your shopping home...


Friday 22nd August, 2014

Household Cleaning Made Easy, With Paper Bags!

We love learning new lifestyle hacks here at the Paper Bag Company, and some of our favourites naturally involve that versatile product we manufacture ourselves. Here's a few ways you can put your leftover paper bags to good use around the home...


Thursday 14th August, 2014

Do Shoplifters Prefer Reusable Bags?

Police officers in Long Beach, California, have raised concerns over a hitherto unforeseen ( at least by us!) side effect of plastic bags bans - a boost for shoplifters!


Thursday 7th August, 2014

A green start to the new school year

We hope all our followers with families are enjoying the summer holidays! Looking ahead to September, here's some advice on how kids can go back to school with minimal impact on the environment. They'll be learning about sustainability...


Thursday 31st July, 2014

Can you keep wasps away with paper bags?

It's been lovely to have a proper summer for once in the UK this year! With warm weather comes barbecues and picnics and, unfortunately, the return of a familiar visitor to British homes, the wasp...


Friday 25th July, 2014

Plastic bag use on the rise

Some depressing statistics have recently been released by WRAP, which is the government's waste programme - in 2013 British supermarkets gave away 8.3 billion single-use plastic bags to customers, an increase of 3.2% on the year before ...


Thursday 17th July, 2014

Sustainably-sourced paper bags

Operating in a sustainable manner is a big part of our company ethos. We make and deliver many thousands of high-quality paper bags every year, and although some we are able to manufacture from recycled paper, for the rest, we r source our paper from sustainably-managed forests...


Wednesday 9th July, 2014

Paper bags break ice at Science Museum

When you're looking for Mr or Miss Right, what is more important - looks, or personality? The Science Museum have tried to resolve the issue by inviting 60 singletons to take part in an experiment involving paper bags...


Wednesday 2nd July, 2014

Forest Service bag gets royal approval

The Queen's daughter, Princess Anne, was photographed taking hold of one of the bags produced by the Paper Bag Company recently at the Balmoral Show, held near Lisburn in Northern Ireland...


Thursday 26th June, 2014

Would you cook in a paper bag?

Vera Countess Sukoff did, so often that she wrote a book about it in fact, published in 1911. Paper-Bag Cookery contained over 200 delicious-sounding recipes all cooked in paper bags...


Thursday 19th June, 2014

The perfect dinner-party guest brings a bottle in a paper bag!

Even if your hosts insist against it, it's mandatory to bring some form of gift...something thoughtful to show you appreciate the invitation. A bottle of wine always goes down well. We suggest putting wine into attractive paper bottle bags for maximum effect...


Thursday 12th June, 2014

The Power of Paper

A new book, Paper Play, has been released that showcases the work of artists who create mesmerisingly-beautiful, intricate pieces using only paper. The book celebrates and illustrates the endless possibilities of making creative artworks with paper


Thursday 5th June, 2014

Paper Bag Co has become FSC® certified

Paper Bag Co has become FSC® certified...


Friday 30th May, 2014

Love the bag?

Tourists in Piccadilly Square will have seen something a bit different from the usual sights this week, as PR agency Havas Worldwide launched a new UK dating app, called Loveflutter. The agency employed 35 Londoners to pose next to the Eros statue wearing paper bags over their heads to disguise thei


Thursday 22nd May, 2014

American students use paper bags to celebrate Earth Day 2014

You may have heard of Earth Day - it's an annual event, stemming from the Flower Power movement of the 1970s, that every April 22nd champions environmental and social causes around the world. Various campaigns run, such as trying to get people reduce their consumption of plastics ...


Thursday 15th May, 2014

Why you should use a branded bag for your event

Some very interesting figures from the Advertising Speciality Institute, which has conducted a survey of businesspeople in the United States, Australia and around Europe to establish what promotional products they own, how they use them, and why they keep them. It seems that logoed bags gen


Thursday 8th May, 2014

Plea For Help Found In Saks Paper Bag

An American woman had a big shock recently when she unloaded her purchases from high-end New York department store Saks. She found a hand-written note with an unsettling message for the recipient....


Thursday 1st May, 2014

USA banning plastic bags faster than ever

This January Los Angeles became the latest, and the largest, American city to ban plastic bags being distributed from the checkouts of major retailers. Customers can instead pay a small fee for paper bags or reusable canvas bags, with the aim of encouraging people to bring their own when they go


Friday 25th April, 2014

The Paper Bag Boy of Abu Dhabi

A more sustainable future is on the horizon, if efforts by the younger generation to clean up their environment are anything to go by. On our blog we've already covered the work being done by several youngsters to cut the use of plastic bags in the countries they live by developing projects to make


Tuesday 15th April, 2014

Leeds artist's 30-year career sketching on brown paper bags

He has been a builder, a tie salesman and a grape-picker. He's survived falling off a construction site, appeared on Radio 4, been the subject of a documentary and played Glastonbury. He is Mik Artistik.


Thursday 10th April, 2014

Recycled Runway a hit with fashion-conscious American teens

This week will see the fifth annual Recycled Runway event - dedicated to helping the local community repurpose their clothing and make fashion choices that look as good as they are eco-conscious...


Thursday 3rd April, 2014

Good Grief - New generation to go nuts for Peanuts

Everyone's favourite paper lunch-bag-wielding hero will finally hit the big screen in the summer of 2015, in the form of the new Peanuts movie. For anyone not familiar with Charles Schultz' iconic comic strip, Peanuts chronicles the lives, loves and failures of Charlie Brown and his neigh


Friday 28th March, 2014

Would you like plastic with that?

If you suffer from a sensitive stomach then it's probably best not to read any further...more unsavoury evidence that plastic bags are worse for the environment, and therefore, us. Never has the switch to paper bags seemed more appealing! ...


Friday 21st March, 2014

Mexican Footballers in Paper Bag Protest

Players from Atletico Celaya, a Mexican Club in the Liga de Ascenso, recently decided to stage a novel protest against their owners, after their wages went unpaid for the second month running. And it involved the good old paper bag! ...

Friday 14th March, 2014

Money bags

Last December a Tennessee couple got an unexpected early Christmas present. After pulling in to a drive-in McDonalds for breakfast, they got home and opened their bag to find, instead of food, thousands of dollars in banknotes.


Thursday 6th March, 2014

Timeless Paper Bag Design Inspires New Handbag Collection

The 'Picnic Group' collection of leather bags by designer Beth Goodman looks remarkably like brown paper bags, no doubt because that is exactly how they were supposed to look....


Thursday 27th February, 2014

Plastic bag charge

The problems caused by the overuse of plastic bags to ferry home purchases are many - in most cases they are single-use, and they stick around for generations, at the bottom of drawers, in landfill, or worse still, in the natural environment where they pose a dangerous hazard to wildlife. ...


Thursday 20th February, 2014

Hosting an educational event? Here's why you should talk to us

The Paper Bag Company has for years worked with many educational institutions around the UK, such as the University of York; the University of Cambridge, and Ascot Boarding School. We have provided superb paper, jute, canvas and drawstring bags for a variety of events, bags that have always met with


Thursday 13th February, 2014

Bagsy Me

Big news, this week, as troubled Hollywood actor Shia LaBeouf turned up at the premiere of his new film wearing a paper bag over his head, with the words "I am not famous anymore" scrawled on it. ...


Friday 7th February, 2014

Do you bamboo?

Some of the most popular bags we sell are from our bamboo collection. They're just as durable as regular canvas bags, feel great to the touch, and best of all are really eco-friendly...


Monday 3rd February, 2014

Schoolboy entrepreneur hits success with paper bag

Andrew Mupuya,a young Ugandan, created his own company, called YELI (Youth Entrepreneurial Link Investments), beginning with capital of just $14. He became Uganda's first registered paper bag manufacturer. Now, five years later and at the age of 21, Andrew employs 16 people and his company manufact


Thursday 23rd January, 2014

Recycled paper bags integral to French artist's new works

Nadine Tarbouriech is a French artist and film editor. Her new show, Re-cycled, features 19 works created using recycled paper, much of it from bags...


Thursday 16th January, 2014

Indian students attempt world record with largest paper bag

Earlier this week, a group of around 95 students from the Faculty of Technology and Engineering at MS University in Vadodara, Gujarat state, made a bold attempt to set a new Guinness World Record. The challenge? To produce the world's largest paper bag....


Friday 10th January, 2014

Designs your customers will love

The Paper Bag Company is pleased to offer what we consider one of the widest ranges of retail and promotional bags around. From luxury laminated or unlaminated bags, to our fantastic eco selection, to our brand new canvas messenger bags, we've got something to suit every business need.


Thursday 2nd January, 2014

10 Unusual Uses for a Paper Bag

We all know how useful it can be to keep a stock of reusable paper bags around the home or office, since they serve so many purposes. Paper bags can also come in handy in some more unusual ways. Here's some of our favourites - what are yours?


Monday 23rd December, 2013

Don't be tempted by paper flying lanterns this New Year

Over the past few years in the UK paper flying Chinese lanterns have become a common sight. They're really beautiful to watch as they float past, and also a cheap and fun form of entertainment. But unfortunately they cause a lot of problems too, so if you're thinking of using them to see in 2014


Wednesday 18th December, 2013

Paper bags a business win in India

An Indian social entrepreneur has shown the truth behind the old adage: "Give a man a fish and he'll eat for a day; teach him how to fish and he'll eat forever."


Wednesday 11th December, 2013

Re-using your paper bags at Christmas

It's been estimated that every Christmas, in Britain alone, we use and throw away nearly 300,000 miles-worth of wrapping paper. It's time then that we started thinking about new ways to wrap our presents - with paper bags.


Thursday 5th December, 2013

Paper bags a New York interior design hit

Owen, one of New York's newest and most talked-about fashion boutiques, has created a modest yet eye-catching backdrop in their shop. Some 25,000 plain brown paper bags have been incorporated into a honey-combed, repetitive structure.


Wednesday 27th November, 2013

Bags of flavour - cooking with paper bags

What would you say is your essential kitchen equipment for the Christmas period? Sharpened knives for the turkey of course; cocktail sticks for the pigs in blankets; a couple of extra peelers so people can help out preparing the veg. May I suggest something else, the humble paper bag?


Thursday 21st November, 2013

Paper Bags Vs Plastic Bags: What Did You Decide?

We were interested to know whether people preferred using paper bags for shopping rather than plastic bags because they are more environmentally friendly. We surveyed one thousand people to get their thoughts.


Thursday 14th November, 2013

How do you re-use your paper bags?

Most paper bags can be easily recycled, making them one of the most environmentally-friendly forms of packaging around. But because recycling something also uses a fair bit of energy, it's actually greener to re-use your bags before recycling them if you can - here are some fun ideas.


Wednesday 6th November, 2013

Why people in coastal areas should avoid plastic bags

The debate rages on over whether plastic or paper bags are better for the environment, but there is one instance where the answer is not in doubt - visit any public aquarium and you'll be sure to find information on the dangers plastic bags pose to marine life.


Wednesday 30th October, 2013

Upscale hotels take no-frills approach to paper bag room service

Gone are the days when room service was delivered on trays with silver domes and cutlery. Your food is now just as likely to come neatly packaged in a recyclable brown paper bag.


Thursday 24th October, 2013

Quick and easy Halloween costumes made from paper bags!

Dressing the whole family for Halloween needn't be expensive if you're creative and have a knack with scissors and sellotape. Just round up a collection of paper bags and get to work on some of these funky outfits...


Thursday 17th October, 2013

Paper Bag Co the perfect partner for international design trade shows

Paper Bag Co were thrilled to be asked to provide bags for this year's Tent London exhibition at the London Design Festival...


Wednesday 9th October, 2013

Paper Bag Art Exhibition Folds

Yuken Teruyo's latest solo exhibition at the Pippy Houldsworth Gallery in London, utilises paper shopping bags to create powerful, thought-provoking works.


Friday 27th September, 2013

The power of branded bags - Moshino use theirs on the runway

For those who are sceptical about the notion that branded bags are desirable objects, Moshino brought the house down during the Spring 2014 Fashion Week by cruising the catwalk with a model draped in an oversized branded paper bag.


Friday 13th September, 2013

Get your orders in for Christmas!

There are only 15 shopping weekends left until Christmas. So now is the time to make sure you've enough of your current bag stock left to cope with any increase in sales. Have you considered a bespoke Christmas shopping bag? Or a gift wrapping service? Both will promote sales in your store and give


Wednesday 4th September, 2013

Paper & plastic bags to be being penalised in New York

New York City council is currently looking at plans to charge at least 10 cents for both plastic and paper bags used by grocery stores and general retailers. The aim of the legislation is to reduce the total number disposable bags being used and encourage people to bring their own reusable bags.

Friday 30th August, 2013

Our range of Wholesale Paper Bags

Here at Paper Bag Co, we sell a wide range of Wholesale Paper Bags from our online shop. These are available in a variety of sizes, colours, finishes and more.


Wednesday 21st August, 2013

The best branded bags - our recent favourites

The Paperbagco design team often gets asked to give examples of bags we have produced where we think the design effectively promotes the branding and sales of the products they were made for. So we have come up with a couple of favourites from our recent customers showcasing innovative bag design an


Monday 12th August, 2013

Can reusable bags have an adverse effect on the economy?

The main aim of recent legislation has been to promote reusable bags. But the ISRI in the US (Institute of Scrap Recycling Industries) released a statement in July questioning these policies as they may have a detrimental effect on the recycling industry.

Friday 2nd August, 2013

Can reusable plastic carrier bags cause illness?

New surveys conducted by the FSA (Food Standards Agency) in Northern Ireland have shown that approximately 65% of consumers don't use a separate plastic carrier bag for raw meat and fish.


Friday 26th July, 2013

6 tips for creating the ultimate in luxury promotional bags

If you are retailing high-value merchandise or preparing your marketing at a special event and you want your bags to shout luxury goods then read the following 6 top tips for creating the ultimate in bespoke promotional bags.


Wednesday 17th July, 2013

Paper Bag Co design canvas bags for Audi

Paper Bag Co supplies promotional canvas bags for Audi, exhibiting at the Goodwood Festival of Speed, for the fifth year in a row.


Thursday 4th July, 2013

Scotland to charge for carrier bags

It has just been announced that from 2014 people in Scotland will have to pay a minimum of 5p for single-use carrier bags, following a public consultation last year. Scotland uses more carrier bags per head than any other part of the UK - over 750 million a year.

Friday 28th June, 2013

Paper Carrier Bags from Paper Bag Co

Here at Paper Bag Co, we now offer a range of Paper Carrier Bags for you to choose from. Similar to most of our other products, these bags can be printed and personalised for a range of purposes.

Friday 21st June, 2013

The advantages of non-woven bags

Recently, the downside of using plastic bags has been well documented. They are solid waste items and pollutants that sit in landfills and waste sites. They clog drains and float in oceans.

Tuesday 11th June, 2013

Paper Bag Co design Cotton Bags for UNICEF

Paper Bag Co recently became involved in producing a number of natural cotton bags for the charity UNICEF. UNICEF work with communities, families and governments to help promote and protect the rights of children in over 190 countries worldwide.

Tuesday 4th June, 2013

Paper Bags in the News

Hospitals introduce paper bags to help reduce the spread of infections - Long term patients usually have a place in the ward kitchen fridge where they can store food in labelled containers.

Wednesday 29th May, 2013

Which retail bags should I use in my shop?

With so many materials, sizes and designs, deciding on the best bags can be confusing. The following tips will help you when ordering for your retail outlet - small or large the same principles apply.

Wednesday 22nd May, 2013

The range of Paper Bags available

Here at Paper Bag Co, we sell a wide range of printed and wholesale paper bags, accessories and more. Our paper bags can be personalised for promotional or retail consumers, or can be purchased in bulk as stock bags.

Wednesday 15th May, 2013

MP's in England discuss plastic bag charges

Last month, we wrote a blog on the plastic carrier bag tax being introduced in Northern Ireland, and called into question whether or not England was going to follow suit.

Thursday 9th May, 2013

Exhibition Bags

So you have invested in promoting your company or product at an exhibition. You have designed the stand, printed your leaflets and promo gifts and trained staff. Now you need to think about your bags.

Friday 3rd May, 2013

Advantages of Eco Bags

Here at Paper Bag Co, we pride ourselves on the wide range of reusable, environmentally friendly eco bags we supply.

Friday 26th April, 2013

Kraft Paper Bags

Here at Paper Bag Co we sell a wide range of paper bags, including a variety of Kraft bags. These are available with a twisted handle or folded handle, to suit your requirements. You can also choose from a range of sizes, depending on what you'd like them to hold.

Thursday 18th April, 2013

Northern Ireland Carrier Bag Tax

A new tax on carrier bags has been introduced in Northern Ireland. All retailers must charge their shoppers at least 5p for each single-use carrier bag they use. The proceeds from this new tax will go to the Department of the Environment.

Thursday 11th April, 2013

My Daddy is a Soldier Adventures

Last week Paper Bag Co donated a number of paper bags to the charity My Daddy is a Soldier Adventures. The charity supports the children (Little Troopers at Home) of the serving British Army Soldiers.

Thursday 4th April, 2013

Printed Presentation Boxes

Paper Bag Co have a range of printed presentation boxes for sale, which can provide the ideal finishing touch for a number of products. With a wide range of styles and finishes available, you are sure to find a printed box to suit your requirements.

Monday 25th March, 2013

How to Enhance your Paper Bags

If you are looking for a way to make your personalised paper bags even more individual, then we can help. Paper Bag Co sell a range of accessories, for you to choose from. The range includes a variety of ribbon, labels and tissue paper.

Monday 18th March, 2013

Bamboo Printed Eco Bags

Paper Bag Co stock a number of environmentally friendly bags, including a number of different bamboo bags. Bamboo is a great material to use when creating bags, as it is incredibly strong and highly durable. It is also flexible and lightweight, perfect for carrying items around in.

Friday 8th March, 2013

Luxury Laminated Paper Bags

Here at Paper Bag Co, we sell a variety of luxury laminated paper bags from our online shop. These laminated bags are made from a high quality coated board, with a reinforced base and top. This offers added strength and durability...

Friday 1st March, 2013

Branded Festival Bags

Here at Paper Bag Co we have produced a variety of festival bags, for a range of clients. Festivals are the perfect place to advertise your brand - you are surrounded by a receptive, captive and relaxed audience who share a similar demographic and cultural preference.

Friday 22nd February, 2013

Why We Make Paper Bags, Not Plastic Bags

There are many different aspects of the modern lifestyle which are proving detrimental to our environment, one of which is the use of plastic bags. Millions of discarded plastic shopping bags are improperly disposed of every year and end up as litter.


Monday 11th February, 2013

Win a FREE iPad!

How would YOU like to win the NEW iPad with retina display? To celebrate the launch of the brand new Paper Bag Co website, we are offering one lucky winner just that. To enter, all you need to do is place an order through our website. Every time...

Monday 4th February, 2013

An Increase in our Range of Paper Bags

Here at the Paper Bag Co, we have introduced a number of new products, for you to choose from. Read on for more information on the new paper bag products available


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